Resolutions signed in opposition of the proposed biosolids dump site!

Thank you to the Town of Pomona Park and City of Crescent City for taking swift action in signing a resolution in opposition of the proposed biosolids application site!

10/12/2021 The Welaka Town Council

10/04/2021 City of Crescent City

09/22/2021 Town of Pomona Park

10/05/2021 Public Notice of Completed Permit Application

The DEP Permit Application has been completed to apply biosolids in Putnam County! Now is the time to send letters with your comments or objections to the Department of Environmental Protection’s Northeast District Office at 8800 Baymeadows Way West, Suite 100, Jacksonville, Florida 32256-7577, or send a letter here!

10/06/2021 Permit Application Review Steps for Biosolid Application Sites from Russell Simpson,

Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Northeast District, Jacksonville

Application review (Current phase)

  • DEP staff has determined there has been enough information submitted to complete the application and determine an agency decision to move forward with a draft permit.

  • Comments from the public are welcome anytime during the permitting process. A notice of application was published October 5, 2021 (SEE BELOW).

Draft Permit (Next phase)

  • DEP will Issue a Notice of Draft Permit. The applicant is required to publish notice of the proposed agency action. This includes the scheduling of a public meeting at more than 30 days from publication. This notice is anticipated to be sent to applicant, late October or early November. The public meeting is anticipated for the 2nd or 3rd week of December 2021.

Intent to Issue

  • After the close of the public meeting and receipt of public comments, DEP will Issue a Notice of Intent to Issue/Deny the permit. The applicant is required to publish notice of the proposed agency action. All parties will have 14 days from publication to file a petition for an administrative hearing.

Final Permit or Request for Hearing

  • If no petitions are filed, then a Final Permit will be issued (Final Agency Action to Issue or Deny).

  • If petitions are filed, DEP Office of General Counsel will review to determine if petitions have merit and standing. If determined to have standing, then it is referred to an administrative law judge for a hearing to be set. This administrative process must be completed before the Department takes Final Agency Action.

  • After Administrative Law judge ruling - Final Agency Action – Final Permit Issuance or Denial

Putnam County has local requirements for zoning and special use permits for a land site and the applicant is required to meet all local requirements.

Pomona Park Town Council Meeting on September 14, 2021: The Town of Pomona Park unanimously approved signing a resolution in opposition of biosolids applications.

Putnam County Board of County Commission Workshop on September 14, 2021: Commissioners discussed the possibility of imposing a moratorium, with consideration of Class B biosolids and biosolids brought in from outside Putnam County. The discussion begins at 1:09:45 at and the Palatka Daily News article is here:

City of Crescent City Commission Meeting on September 9, 2021: Commissioners approved a resolution in opposition of Biosolids. Watch the presentation here:

Town Hall Informational Meeting on Biosolids July 29, 2021: State Representative Bobby Payne spoke about biosolids, nutrient loading, algal blooms and risks to our water.

⠂An application was re-submitted to the county for the proposed Class B Biosolids/Sewage Sludge dumpsite at 373 Old Highway 17, but the nutrient management plan has not been approved by the Department of Environmental Protection, which is why the hearing before the Zoning Board of Adjustment has been postponed.

Public Information Meeting at Crescent City Moose Lodge July 27, 2021: Attendees were provided with a list of 370 known pollutants in the class B Biosolids threatening south Putnam County. These biosolids would be brought from outside the county and would not give our people jobs. It would only hurt our property value and environment.


⠂More than 30 people attended and a dozen people spoke in opposition of Class B Biosolids/Sewage Sludge dumping in Putnam County, including Lisa Rinaman, a representative of St. Johns Riverkeeper, and Ellen Murray, PhD, who is an infectious disease consultant for the University of Florida and formerly with the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

⠂Commissioners opposed the application of Class B Biosolids/Sewage Sludge at 373 Old Highway 17, but are not able to take action because it is a decision to be made by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

⠂It is unclear what the benefit of the site is to Putnam County. Ordinance Sec. 18-50, states that “all hazardous waste generators located in the county shall pay an annual fee for assessment, notification and verification, per site, to the county board of county commissioners.” See the full ordinance here:

⠂All commissioners were in favor of instituting a cost-free appeal process following decisions by the Zoning Board of Adjustment regarding Biosolids/Sewage Sludge. However, it was later determined by the county attorney that the appeal process is not allowable.

Another result of the biosolids workshop was that a meeting was set up for the public to learn about the efforts of State Representative Bobby Payne with the application of Biosolids/Sewage Sludge on July 29 at South Putnam Church.